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Explore modern game development and programming techniques to build 5 complete, playable games using C++ and its popular libraries

ISBN: 97818386485729781838647650


Paperback: 700 pages

The second edition of Beginning C++ Game Programming is updated and improved to include the latest features of Visual Studio 2019 and SFML. With this book, you’ll get a fun introduction to game programming by building five fully playable games of increasing complexity. Learn to build clones  of popular games such as Timerbman, Pong, a Zombie survival shooter, a coop puzzle platformer and Space Invaders.

Feature list

  • Learn the basics of C++ such as variables and loops
  • Animate game objects, respond to collisions, keep score, play sound effects
  • Use classes, inheritance, and references to spawn and control thousands of enemies
  • Learn to shoot with a rapid-fire machine gun, and realize random scrolling game-worlds
  • Use pointers, references, and Standard Template Library to add various features
  • Reuse code to make different games


With this improved and extended 2nd edition, we will start with the very basics of programming, such as variables, loops, and conditions and you will become more skillful with each game as you move through the key C++ topics, such as OOP (Object-Orientated Programming), C++ pointers, and an introduction to the Standard Template Library. While building these games, you will also learn exciting game programming concepts like particle effects, directional sound (spatialization), OpenGL programmable Shaders, spawning thousands of objects, and more.

By the end of this book, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to get started with your game development and programming career with C++ and its libraries.

  1. This book offers a fun way to learn modern C++ programming while building 5 exciting 2D games
  2. Immerse yourself in building a wide variety of desktop games that gradually increase in complexity
  3. Packed with suggestions to expand your finished games that will make you think critically, technically, and creatively

The book starts by covering the basics of  programming. You’ll study key C++ topics, such as object-oriented programming (OOP) and C++ pointers, and get  acquainted with the Standard Template Library (STL).  The book helps you learn about collision detection techniques and game physics as well as concepts such as particle effects, directional sound (spatialization), OpenGL programmable shaders, spawning objects, and much more.

Finally, you’ll explore game design patterns to enhance your C++ game programming skills. By the end of the book, you’ll have gained the knowledge you need to build your own games with exciting features from scratch.