Kotlin Android Projects

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is largely written in Java because Kotlin is the new kid on the block; but when we tell Android Studio to turn our Kotlin code into a working app it is merged together with the Java from the SDK in an intermediate form before being converted into the executable format called DEX code that the Android device uses to run the app. This is seamless to us as developers.

Kotlin is the most succinct language and therefore the least error-prone which is great for beginners. Kotlin is the most fun mainly because the succinctness means you can get results faster and with less code. Google considers Kotlin an official (first class) language of Android. There are some other advantages to Kotlin which make it less error-prone and less likely to make mistakes that cause crashes. We will discover the details of these advantages as we proceed.

Coding a Space Invaders Game in Kotlin

This Kotlin beginner tutorial is an attempt to introduce readers with just a basic knowledge of Kotlin to game programming. Space Invaders is an all-time classic and my first experience with a video game outside of […]