Game coding essentials: Learn the essential and fundamentals of game coding

If you want to learn the essentials of game coding in a platform/language neutral way then this is the category for you.

Collision detection: Irregular polygons (Asteroids) using the crossing number algorithm

Testing for collision with an irregular polygon is the exact same problem as if you were doing collision detection for an Asteroids game clone. If you don’t know what Asteroids is you can learn about […]

Collision detection: Neighbour checking

This method allows us to only check objects that are in the approximate same area as each other. It can be achieved by checking which neighbourhood of our game a given two objects are in, […]

Collision detection: Radius overlap method

This method is also checking to see if two shapes intersect with each other, but as the title suggests, it does so using circles. There are advantages and disadvantages compared to other methods.

The radius overlap […]

Collision detection: Rectangle intersect method

Rectangle intersection detection collision detection is really straightforward. We draw an imaginary rectangle; we can call it a hitbox or bounding rectangle, around the objects we want to test for collision. Then, test to see […]

Rotating graphics in 2d games: Using trigonometric functions part 2

In this second part of the series on trigonometric functions we will use the sine and cosine of an angle to rotateĀ a point around a specific central point. We will then see that by drawing […]

Calculating heading in 2d games: Using trigonometric functions part 1

This article takes a high-level but hopefully useful look and some common trigonometric functions with the aim of clarifying how they can be used as solutions in our game coding to create some cool movement […]