Beginning C++ Game Programming 3rd Edition

Get to grips with programming and game development techniques using C++ libraries and Visual Studio 2022 with this updated edition of the bestselling series.

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Solidity Variables and Data Types

Here’s the third tutorial focusing on Solidity Basics: Variables and Data Types. In this tutorial, we’ll dive into the exciting world of Solidity variables and data types.

Solidity, as you may know, […]

Kotlin variables and data types

In this tutorial, we’ll dive into variables, data types, and type inference in Kotlin. We’ll cover how to declare variables, assign values, and perform basic operations. Variables are used to store […]

Game Development Projects

loops demo

In this quick mini-project, we will put into practice different types of loops like loops and loops. Prepare to go loopy. Actually, it’s really simple. To get started Create a […]

Checking for conditions and branching demo

In this quick mini-project, we will practice how to test for conditions using Java in an Android game project. Condition testing is a basic staple of all programming including games. […]

Game variables demo

In this demo project, we will put into practice the concepts we learned about it in part 1 and part 2 of the Java tutorials. We will declare and initialize a […]

Deploying your first Android game

If you have just completed the tutorial Building your first Android game or if you have just forgotten how to get your latest project from your PC and onto a […]

Building your first Android game

In this project we will use the Android Studio new project wizard to build an app we can actually run on a real Android device. It won’t do anything except […]

Setting up Android Studio development environment

Setting up your Android development environment does not have to be hard. In this tutorial, I will walk you through all the steps required to install Android Studio 2.2.2. By […]

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