Android Game Programming by Example

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About this book

You might be toying with the idea of learning to make games with the Android API. Game Code School are proud to show you Android Game Programming by Example.

Using the Java programming language you will develop your skills starting from intermediate level in order to build games for Android tablets & smartphones.

In this book you get to build:

  • A Flappy-Bird like game called Tappy Defender
  • A retro 2d platform game
  • An Asteroids clone using OpenGL ES

If you area reader who dreams about making games using the Android API, consider trying this text.

Android Game Programming by Example was authored by John Horton and published by Packt Publishing. John is also responsible for many of the tutorials on this Web site so check out his writing to see if you like it.

This is the paperback version. You can get the Kindle edition available by purchasing directly on Amazon here:

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If you would like to try out some Android game projects before buying this book you can do so here: Beginner Android game projects.

More information about this book

In this book you get to make three games and implement all of the following features, and more! Here are a few screen shots of some of the games.

Program a flappy-bird style game

Tappy Defender is the first game and is really simple to implement as long as you have basic-level Java skills.

  • Implement a simple game loop
  • Animate your characters with sprite sheets, 
  • Use scrolling parallax backgrounds 
  • Design challenging, playable levels in your games
  • Design and implement genuinely challenging and playable levels
  • Implement a more advanced, timed main game loop

Build a challenging retro 2d Platformer

The biggest project in the book is aretro 2d platformer with scripted enemies, scrolling parallax backgrounds and four unique environments. Learn to create a game where the player can collect coins, extra lives and weapon upgrades. Travel from the depths of a spooky cave to the snowy mountains. Tough pixel-perfect jumps required. Casual gamers look elsewhere!

  • Process multitouch screen input effectively and efficiently
  • Implement an OpenGL ES 2, 2d game engine
  • Run your game designs at 60 frames per second or better

  • Learn how to detect collisions
  • Script simple enemy behaviours
  • Implement 2D rotation & velocity

Build a nostalgic Asteroids clone

The third and final game dips in to the workings of OpenGL ES for Android. While building a cool variation ( but still retro) Asteroids game. Player's will fight wave upon wave of increasing numbers of Asteroids while you learn to rotate 2d polygons, detect collisions using the crossing number algorithm and learn the basics of OpenGL ES, the OpenGL version for mobile.

  • Other features in this book include: pickups, firing weapons, HUDs, generating and playing sound FX, scenery, level transition, high scores, and more

Product Information

  • Reader level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite knowledge required: Basic Java and OOP skills required
  • Programming language: Java
  • Game engine: N/A
  • Library/API: Android API
  • Development environment used: Android Studio
  • Build games for: Android tablets & smartphones

More details

  • Author: John Horton
  • ISBN: 1785280120
  • Number Of Pages: 388
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing
  • Release Date: 30th June 2015
  • Edition: 1
  • Engine: N/A
  • Reader Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisite knowledge: Basic Java and OOP skills required
  • Programming language: Java
  • Library or api: Android API
  • Development environment: Android Studio
  • Platforms: Android tablets & smartphones

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