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Game development tutorials & projects

  • kotlin_space_invaders_6

Coding a Space Invaders Game in Kotlin

This Kotlin beginner tutorial is an attempt to introduce readers with just a basic knowledge of Kotlin to game programming.

Space Invaders is an all-time classic and my first experience of a video game outside of […]

  • snake-game-with-body

Coding a Snake Game for Android

As the title suggests, in this project we will build a simple snake style game. This style of game has been around since the mid 1970’s under other names like Worm and Surround.I played this […]

  • unreal-engine-installation-tutorial

Installing Unreal Engine 4

This tutorial is the place to start if you are a complete beginner to Unreal Engine. It will cover the quick and easy installation process as well as a quick guided tour of the Unreal […]

  • simple-ai-tutorial-unity-mecanim

Simple patrol & chase AI tutorial with Unity 2D and Mecanim

In this simple Unity AI tutorial we will create a horde of zombies who wander around the screen between random hidden waypoints until they see the player controlled object, at which point they will give […]

  • building-a-timberman-game-in-gamemaker-studio-2

Buiding a Timberman Game in GameMaker Studio 2

In this tutorial, we will quickly build a Timberman clone for PC/Mac using GameMaker Studio 2. This is my first ever video tutorial and I hope to make future video tutorials more polished. Feedback in the […]

  • unity-sprite-sheet-animations-with-mecanim

Simple 2D Sprite-sheet animations in Unity

This really quick tutorial uses the Unity Mecanim system to produce the simplest possible sprite-sheet animation. When we are finished our character will be able to stand still or walk left and right. We will […]

  • gamemaker-studio-rooms-backgrounds-and-sprites

Setting up, Rooms, backgrounds, sprites and objects

In this first simple tutorial we will explore the GameMaker constructs of Rooms, backgrounds, sprites and objects. We will see how we can easily add graphics through the user friendly GameMaker Studio UI and create […]

  • unity-particle-effects-fireplace-tutorial

Unity particle systems: Building a fireplace effect

In this really quick and simple tutorial we will build a basic fireplace effect using the Unity particle system. We will not explore all the indepth options that this system provides but we will get […]

  • coding-a-scrolling-parallax-background

Coding a parallax scrolling background for Android

In this tutorial, we will see the tricks and the code required to achieve a parallax scrolling background effect. The parallax effect is when different layers of backgrounds are moved at different speeds to achieve […]

  • simple-c-plus-plus-game-engine-tutorial

Building a simple game engine in C++

In this tutorial project, we will build a fully working and functional but simple C++ game engine. All that the game engine will do is allow the player to control one object moving left and […]

  • android-2d-simple-scrolling-shooter

Building a Simple Android 2D Scrolling Shooter

This tutorial game project introduces the concept of a viewport. This is the aspect of our game which handles which part of the game-world is drawn to the screen. First, we need to decide what […]

  • asteroids-built-in-unity-completed-project

Building an Asteroids game in Unity

Welcome to the Asteroids arcade game project built in Unity. In this step by step guide, we will make a reasonably authentic clone of the classic arcade game. If you never had the joy of […]

  • bouncing-lit-sprites-in-the-game-view-header

Lights, sound and a bit more collision

This is the last Unity project that we need to do before we make a full working game. This quick, fun project will make some noise, introduce another type of collider(Edge Collider), make a basic […]

  • highscore-remembered

Unity UI & data persistence

If we are going to make a real game we will need to create a simple HUD to show things like score, highest score and perhaps some other game stats as well. In addition, our […]

  • particles-in-unity-2d-simple-physics-simulation-header-image

Collisions and destroying objects in Unity

This project will allow us to click on the screen to spawn a new particle. The particles will fall and bounce around, inside the four walls of the scene. The white jagged sprite is our […]

  • Unity-2d-spawning-loads-of-game-objects-feature-image

Spawning new objects in Unity

In this project we will begin to see the power of C# classes as reusable templates for objects. We will create a simple character sprite and then learn how to detect mouse-clicks to spawn as […]

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