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This getting started project tutorial with with Unity 5 is so simple I contemplated not having it at all. It seemed appropriate, however, because the C# tutorials as well as the Unity projects which follow this one start from from the very beginning. If you are confident you can probably just download Unity and follow the on-screen instructions. This simple installation tutorial is here mainly for the sake of completeness.


Please visit the Unity category of the Game Code School bookstore

About this project

Skill level 1
Time to complete 40 minutes (downloads might take longer)

New concepts

  1. Installing Unity 5

Recommended preparation tutorials

Assumed previous experience

  • Basic proficiency with Windows
  • A free Unity account

Visit http://unity3d.com/get-unity.


Click the FREE DOWNLOAD button.


Click Download installer.

This is a really small download. Once it is complete run the program. If you are prompted Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer, choose Yes.


Click the Next > button shown above. On the screen that follows, accept the license agreement and click Next >, again.

Unity has lots of install options . Unity can detect your operating system and select the appropriate options for you. You might like to choose some extra components like Android build support or IOS build support but this isn’t necessary for the projects in this course.

Click Next > when you have chosen any extra components.

The next screen is the Choose download and install locations. Unity takes around 15GB to install the basic components. Be sure to choose a download and install location that is appropriate for your PC/Mac. For example, my C drive is a bit on the small side, so I have moved the download to D:/Downloads and D:/Unity, as shown in the next screenshot.


Click Next > (yet again) when your ready. Accept the license agreements and click Next > once more.

The download and install time will vary greatly depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Wait while Unity does its thing.

Click Finish to run Unity 5 for the first time.

At this stage you will need to create a Unity account (unless you already have one). On the next screen either click Create one or simply log in. If you need to create one, leave the window open and log in when you get your details from Unity.


Now we can get started with our first Unity 5 project: Unity & C# part 1.


Please visit the Unity category of the Game Code School bookstore