Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is arguably most advanced engine, excellent for 2d and 3d games. Unreal Engine is probably the easiest multi-player implementation in the world. There are also a wide range of free-to-use game templates to give a very fast start to classic genres like FPS, platformer or RPG.

The engine is ligthening fast and suitable for the most complex projects. Although coding in C++ for Unreal Engine is quite a challenging topic for a complete beginner, it has the amazing visual scripting language called Blueprint which is a great way to simply, quickly and visually code our games.

It is straightforward to deploy and test to any platform and the GUI scene builder allows rapid creation of exciting, dynamic and visually stunning game worlds. Take a look at our range of Unreal Engine books for beginners.

New Unreal Engine titles will be added on a regular basis.