C# game coding level 1

This set of C# coding tutorials is for you if you are completely new to programming or the C# language. You will learn all you need to know to code C# games as quickly as […]

Game variables in C#

When we code a game in C#, whether with Unity or any other tool, we need to ‘know’ what the situation in the game is. As an example, things like how many lives the player […]

Making use of variables in C#

Having just learnt what C# game variables are and that they store values that represent the data in our games, it is probably obvious that these values held by our variables will need to be changed as […]

Conditions and decisions

Condition checking in games is all about making decisions. How do we “know” if the player has completed the level or crashed a ship? How do we detect if the ball has reached the edge […]

Loops in C#

Loops are how we repeat the same part of the code more than once. This can simply mean doing the same thing until the code being looped over prompts the loop to end or it […]

Structuring C# games with methods

C# Methods allow us to organize and our code into named, logical, sections. As our C#/Unity game projects become more and more advanced with exciting features and deep systems, methods will be one of the […]

Object oriented programming with C#

Object Oriented Programming, or OOP for short, is the way almost all programming is done, in almost all languages. It hasn’t been this way forever and there are some exceptions but if you want to […]

Handling data with C# arrays

All these objects, variables and types are useful but what happens when we have hundreds or thousands of them? How can we possibly keep track? C# arrays are the solution and in this 5-minute tutorial, […]