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SFML Blueprints

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Title: SFML Blueprints
Author: Maxime Barbier
Published: February 2015
Publishers summary: Sharpen your game development skills and improve your C++ and SFML knowledge with five exciting projects

Master game components and their interaction by creating a hands-on multiplayer game
Customize your game by adding sounds, animations, physics, and a nice user interface to create a unique game
A project-based book starting with simpler projects […]

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Loops in the game code

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Loops might sound a bit odd at first? They are a way of executing parts of our C++ code more than once, looping over code until we have the result we want or a test is done. This can simply mean doing the same thing until the code being looped over prompts the loop to end or it could […]

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Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4

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Title: Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4
Author: William Sherif
Published: February 2015
Publishers summary: Learn C++ programming with a fun, real-world application that allows you to create your own games!

When I saw the title of this new book from technology publisher PACKT, I was intrigued. I know from experience that C++ has more complexities than many […]

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