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SFML Projects

The SFML library is designed for developing 2d games (and other media) using the C++ programming language. If you want to develop games where you have full control over coding your game engine but don't want to have to re-write your own fundamentals, like Sprites, viewports, multiplayer, spatialized sound, and more, SFML could be for you. If you have the ambition to develop 2D games for any of the desktop platforms, perhaps for Steam, try these beginner SFML game projects.
If you are totally new to game development, then use these beginner C++ tutorials in conjunction with these projects.
  • sfml_hello_world

Building your first SFML game project

Now that we have a working development environment we can go ahead and configure a project and write some code that actually does something. For the sake of actually seeing SFML in action we will write some code but we will not learn about each and every line of it. […]

  • setup-visual-studio-with-sfml

Setting up Visual Studio and SFML development environment

This is the very first project on the road to building games for desktop operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. In these really simple steps we will walk through the process of installing the software applications that we need to start to learn to code for these desktop OS’s.

Getting started

Before […]