What is sexism?

When someone is treated unfairly because of gender.

Examples of sexism against women

Forced to cover body and face by men

Not allowed out of the house or to drive without a male companion

When female can’t vote and male can

Examples of sexism against Men

No special laws to match special laws for women (violence laws)

Despite above men 4 times more likely to be assaulted

Even in domestic violence man’s injury twice as likely to be considered serious

Not allowed in female clubs when women are allowed in men’s clubs (e.g. guides and scouts )

Higher standards expected of men in some professions(fire, police, military)

Not being able retire at same age (at least) because men die younger on average

White feather movement men being shamed into the army sometimes children (WW1)

Erecting a statue to the leader of the white feather movement

Men get fewer benefits(free money) than women(health care, child/housing benefit, pension)

Men Pay more taxes than women

Men lose in family court battles more often (lose, kids, lose financially, secret and biased)

Get tougher jail sentences

More than 90% of deaths at work are men

Men’s football pays for women’s football while women footballers whine about not being paid same as men.

Women have extra education programmes despite more women go to uni

Fields, where men excel, are shamed while fields, where women excel, are celebrated

Lies like the wage gap are invented and used against Men when the difference between men and women are caused by free choice.

Men more likely to kill themselves than women. I wonder why.


Feminism is not about equality.

Feminism is about forcing women to live their lives in a way that suits big business, left-wing politicians, and governments.

In the long term, Feminism harms women as well as men. Surveys show that women are getting more and more miserable compared to the past.