GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2, in my opinion, is amazing. The new drag and drop user interface, the stylish yet simple UI and the dedication to the 2D genre make GameMaker the best at what it is trying to do. If you have read any of my tutorials and projects you will know that I never “take sides” or evangelize one tool over another. However, if you want to make a straightforward 2D game and you want to make it in a hurry, GameMaker Studio 2 is probably for you. Furthermore, the new GameMaker 2 features make this option, probably, the simplest of all if you are a complete beginner getting started. Make no mistake, though, if you want the best performance on desktop option, a 3D option (or even 2.5D), or the best specifically mobile option double check the where do I start tutorial first.
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Buiding a Timberman Game in GameMaker Studio 2

In this tutorial,¬†we will quickly build a Timberman clone for PC/Mac using GameMaker Studio 2. This is my first ever video tutorial and I hope to make future video tutorials more polished. Feedback in the comments section of this article or on YouTube is appreciated. The tutorial is supported by […]

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Setting up, Rooms, backgrounds, sprites and objects

In this first simple tutorial we will explore the GameMaker constructs of Rooms, backgrounds, sprites and objects. We will see how we can easily add graphics through the user friendly GameMaker Studio UI and create a moving scene for our game. We will also get a glimpse at how GameMaker […]