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C# game coding: Start from the beginning and learn to make games using the C# programming language. This tutorial course is supplemented with hands-on Unity projects.

If you have no programming experience but want to get started with C# and/or Unity as fast as possible. Or perhaps you need a quick C# refresher? This beginner course is the place to start.

By the end of these short and concise tutorials you will be ready to take on your first Unity game projects or take on more advanced C# tutorials. Coding in C# allows you to handle on lots of different project types but this course is tailored to get you started making games in Unity 5.

  • C# beginner coding tutorials

C# game coding level 1

This set of C# coding tutorials is for you if you are completely new to programming or the C# language. You will learn all you need to know to code C# games as quickly as […]

  • C# beginner coding tutorials

Game variables in C#

When we code a game in C#, whether with Unity or any other tool, we need to ‘know’ what the situation in the game is. As an example, things like how many lives the player […]

  • C# beginner coding tutorials

Making use of variables in C#

Having just learnt what C# game variables are and that they store values that represent the data in our games, it is probably obvious that these values held by our variables will need to be changed as […]

  • C# beginner coding tutorials

Conditions and decisions

Condition checking in games is all about making decisions. How do we “know” if the player has completed the level or crashed a ship? How do we detect if the ball has reached the edge […]