I am not a Unity expert but Unity being a highly regarded tool regularly used by came coding beginners I thought I would give Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook by Claudio Scolastici a quick read.

Having done so and enjoyed myself in the process I thought it was worth a mention on the blog. This isn’t a full in-depth review like some of the others but I wanted to say how I think it makes a really useful book to have in your library.

Where this book makes itself useful and other Unity books with beginner content in have failed is the focus on 2d games. As a result of this focus it covers just about anything you could reasonably need to know to make a basic 2d game.

The “Cookbook” format provides multiple short how-to “recipes” per chapter and each recipe is targeted at a particular skill level and it is perfectly possible to use this book to just dip in and out of topics to research how you would create your project or to use it as a reference.

As you would expect Claudio Scolastici knows Unity inside and out but what is useful is the way each recipe is written according to the skill level it was intended for. This makes some of the tutorials very succinct. If this puts you off as a beginner the tougher tutorials all clearly state the tutorials you would need to have read previously in order to succeed with the current one.

So if Unity is your chosen development tool or if you have ever wondered hiow Unity works and if it is right for you then this is a really good way to find out. There is a free sample chapter available on the publisher’s web site linked below.

Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook