Are you considering taking your Android game programming skills up a notch? We are proud to show you the superb Mastering Android Game Development. Using the Java programming language you will develop your skills starting from Intermediate level in order to build more advanced game features for the Android platform.

Mastering Android Game Development is written by Raul Portales and published by Packt Publishing.

We would like to point out that this is the paperback version. You can get the e-book/Kindle edition available by ordering on Amazon here:

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If you would like to try out some Android game projects before buying this book, why not try out the Android Space Invaders project.

More information about this book

This book is totally hands-on and will help you develop complex Android games from the ground up. You will learn using a space shooter game as an example that will evolve throughout the book.
  • Develop Android games from start to finish
  • Build a game engine
  • Enhance your game development knowledge
  • Build a virtual joystick
  • Implement collision detection using different techniques
  • Build and use particle systems
  • Integrate Google Play Services to provide achievements and leaderboards