Published 7th October 2016

ISBN 9781786466198
Paperback 520+ pages.

Update! The first two projects are now available in video tutorial format from Udemy

6 hours, 2 games, No experience necessary

Beginning C++ Game ProgrammingLearn C++ from scratch using the OpenGL-powered SFML. Currently, there are no graphical/OpenGL based, C++ game coding books for complete beginners. 

This book is all about offering you a fun introduction to the world of game programming and C++ and the OpenGL powered SFML using three fun, fully-playable games. The three games are an addictive, frantic two-button tapper, a multi-level, zombie survival shooter, and a split-screen, multiplayer puzzle-platformer.

You start with the very basics of programming, such as variables, loops, and conditions. You will learn more skills with each game and move through the key C++ topics, steadily building in complexity to cover topics like OOP (object orientated programming), C++ pointers and an introduction to the Standard Template Library.

While building these games, you will also learn exciting game programming techniques and concepts like animating sprites, handling input from the keyboard and mouse, saving game data to the hard disk, implementing a split-screen, spawning and controlling thousands of game objects, particle effects, directional sound(spatialization), OpenGL programmable Shaders and more.

Who this book is written for
This book is perfect for you if any of the following describes you: You have no C++ programming knowledge whatsoever or need a beginner level refresher course. If you want to learn to build games or just use games as a more engaging way to learn C++. If you have aspirations of one day publishing a game, perhaps on Steam. If you just want to have a load of fun and impress friends with your creations.

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Learn the following skills

  • Make C++ game coding appear like it is something that any determined person can do
  • Help you to a competent level of C++ without any boring black screens of text
  • Build some neat games with a wide range of features but also leave you ready to go off and build your own unique games
  • Introduce the necessary C++ topics in just the right order then use those new skills to add features to games. This enables you to achieve a good level of C++ competence in a graphically rich, exciting, gaming environment instead of staring at dull text on a black screen.

Build real games for the desktop

This book offers a fun, example-driven approach to learning game development and C++. Throughout the course of the book, the reader will learn to build three different styles of games comprising a frantic two-button-tapper, a zombie survival/shooter, and a split-screen multiplayer platform game. In addition to explaining game development techniques in an engaging style, the games are built in a way that introduces the key C++ topics in an order that enables the learning to be practical and not theory based, with multiple runnable/playable stages in each chapter.

The first project is a clone of Timberman for PC

The first game is an addictive, fast-paced clone of the hugely successful Timberman . Our game, Timber!!!, will allow us to be introduced to all the C++ basics at the same time as building a genuinely playable game. Take a look at the screen-shots of what our version of the game will look like at the various stages of development and when we are done.

The second project is a zombie survival shooter

Next we will build a frantic, zombie survival-shooter, based on the Steam hit, Over 9000 Zombies . The player will have a machine gun, the ability to gather health and ammo pic-ups, and be able to level-up skills, weapons and other attributes between waves. All this will take place in a randomly generated, scrolling world. To achieve this we will learn about object oriented programming and how it enables us to have a large code base (lots of code) that is easy to write and maintain. Expect exciting features like hundreds of enemies, blood and never-ending waves .

The third project is a coop multiplayer split-screen platform game

The third and final project is a coop, multiplayer, split-screen platform game. Inspired by the classic, Thomas was alone, this game forces two players to help each other traverse the level by cooperating with each other (standing on heads etc). The game introduces directional sound, simple particle(explosion) effects and more advanced object oriented programming.

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