You might have noticed new pages appear on Game Code School lately. There is a new C++ tutorials category page and a new SFML projects category page. At the moment they are empty but the first tutorials and projects will start appearing within days.

If you don’t know what C++ and SFML are then they could well be just what you are looking for. The next article will be exploring what SFML is and who it is for. For now, if you want to make 2d indie games for desktop operating systems (perhaps with dreams of one day being on Steam) and you want them to run at lightening speed, then these will be the tutorials and projects for you.

In addition to the C++ and SFML beginner content I will be reviewing six SFML/C++ books right here on the blog.

The C++ tutorials will assume zero previous programming experience and move at the fastest possible learning pace up to the first full game project using SFML. The tutorials will be paired with mini projects that start by setting up Microsoft Visual Studio as well as mini SFML demo’s that highlight simple but fun features of SFML while practising concepts learnt in the related C++ tutorial.

The goal is a complete beginner will go from zero programming knowledge to their first game that runs on Windows, Mac or Linux desktop within 6 weeks. So check back every day for new C++ tutorials, SFML mini projects, and related content like C++/SFML book reviews.