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Android Projects

Android first arrived in 2008. At first, it was almost a poor relation to the much more stylish iOS on the Apple iPhone. But quite quickly, through diverse handset offers that struck a chord with both the practical price-conscious as well as the fashion-conscious and tech-hungry; Android user numbers literally exploded. For me, developing Android games is exceptionally rewarding.

Today, Android is the fastest growing operating system in the world and the biggest category of apps in the Google Play store is games. Add to this that it is very easy to get your app accepted for publication and Android seems like a great place for beginners to start their game programming journey.

Although you can program for Android in other languages, Java is the default/language of choice. These beginners Android game programming projects start from getting your development environment set up, right through to a fully-working Space Invaders game. Used in conjunction with our beginner Java programming tutorials you can get started with zero previous experience of any sort.

  • android_sound_fx_demo

Playing sound FX demo

In this mini-project we will play a sound on an Android device. We will see how we use the SoundPool class to load a sound from a file and then play it. This is another significant step on the journey to build a complete game.

Create a new project

Create a new […]

  • simple_game_engine

Building a simple game engine

In this mini-project we will draw a moving, controllable sprite to your Android device. We will draw Bob to the screen and when the screen is touched he will move to the right and when the screen is released he will stop. However, we will have achieved much more than […]

  • drawing_graphics_demo

Drawing graphics demo

In this really simple mini-project we will really harness the power of classes and objects by using classes from the Android API which allow us to draw graphics on the screen. We will see how we can draw shapes, lines, pixels, text and even custom designed graphics like game characters. […]

  • loops_demo

loops demo

In this quick mini-project we will put in to practice different types of loop like loops and loops. Prepare to go loopy. Actually it’s really simple.

To get started Create a new Android project and enter Loops in the Aplication Name field and enter